This is me!

I am a trained nurse by profession, and come from Ålesund in Western Norway. I studied outdoor education at the high school in Volda and have many years experience as a mountain guide both here in Norway and abroad working as a glacier expert.

I discovered the outdoors again in my teens, when I returned form a year abroad. The mountains seemed to pierce the sky and I wanted to be amongst them. As the feelings of curiosity and control developed in the mountains, so came the dreams of other mountain ranges and glaciers. I was not dreaming of setting records, just of the experiences, the joy of being places.

Climbing in thin air and crossing poles is very much a male dominated affair. To keep up with the boys I train a lot in order to be thoroughly prepared. This has paid off, both mentally and physically.

Since the planning and preparation are crucial for expedition success, I have focused a lot of energy on this side of things and see it as a great factor in the success of any trip.

My trips need not be long and arduous; they are always a time to gather my thoughts and find my inner peace. When I am sat in a kayak, on top of a peak in western Norway, walking along the beaches of Stavanger or when I am climbing or bouldering with friends; that is when I am happy. I just can’t get enough of being outside doing these things, it is the best thing in the world.

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